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Croft School

School Uniform

We ask all parents to dress their children in our school uniform, which has been chosen to be comfortable, smart and easy for young children to dress themselves in.  Uniform also encourages loyalty to and a pride in the school.

The uniform is as follows:

  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or school trousers
  • Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Blue polo shirt 
  • White socks or plain grey tights for girls, grey socks for boys
  • Enclosed flat, black school shoes, not trainers, boots or sandals

In the summer, girls may wear blue checked dresses and boys and girls may wear grey shorts. Optional items include baseball cap, zipped fleece, weatherproof jacket / fleece (reversible).

All items are available from Batemans in Stroud.  Second hand uniform sales are also held regularly by The Friends of The Croft School.

Please note: Children can come in wearing non-uniform on their birthday.  Please do not bring in cakes/sweets or biscuits, homemade or otherwise, as we have a number of children with allergies.  If your child's birthday is on a weekend they can choose to come in non-uniform on the Friday or Monday either side of their birthday.

Spare clothes

 If you think it might be necessary, please send your child to school with a spare pair of underwear and trousers/skirt.  In addition, a change of clothes, particularly socks, can be useful if the weather is very wet.

Jewellery is not permitted in school, apart from watches and stud earrings.

We do not allow children to have mobile phones in school, if they need to have one due to special circumstances they would be expected to have it in an envelope in the Office and collect it at the end of the day, however please contact the school if there is a specific one-off need for your child to bring a phone in.

PE kit

We ask that children wear the following for PE lessons:

  • Navy blue shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Black plimsolls (elasticated or velcro fastenings) or trainers for games activities
  • Socks

In colder weather children can wear navy blue or black joggers and plain navy blue / black sports jumpers.  On PE days, children come to school dresses in their PE kit.

Earrings should not be worn on PE days.

Book bags

We like each child to have a school book bag, which will keep reading books in good condition as they come and go from school. They are also useful to carry school letters etc.

Please note: We ask that all of your child's clothes are named, preferably with a name labels. This makes it easy for your child to find their belongings and ensure that we can return to you any items which are found.