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Croft School

Hello Yellow Day

As part of this year's charity fundraising, we spent the day on Friday 13 October taking part in a host of "yellow" activities in support of Young Minds' Hello Yellow Day.  We raised an amazing £180 - thank you for your support!

Mole Class explored their feelings and thought about rules to look after ourselves and our friends, and created a book with Mr Happy's help.  We also welcomed children from Playgroup to join our story time.

Hedgehog Class had great fun learning how to draw Mr Happy and had a special circle time thinking about helping others.

Fox Class were very creative and made some beautiful yellow flowers to bring some sunshine to everyone's day!

In KS2, they created happiness acrostic poems and explored colour mixing to make as many shades of yellow as they could!

Well done everyone - we hope you enjoyed your yellow day :-)