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Croft School

The Curriculum at the Croft Primary

At the Croft Primary School, we are committed to creating a rich learning environment where the children can increase their knowledge and develop skills to help prepare them for the next steps in their learning journeys. We offer a wide variety of learning across all the subjects identified in the National Curriculum and new EYFS Framework and deliver this through our enquiry led Croft Curriculum. Reading, Writing and Mathematics are fundamental building blocks in our curriculum and have a clear focus within our curriculum. We have high aspirations and expectations of the children’s progression in their learning, and we actively encourage a love of learning through developing a ‘can do’ attitude to their acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Croft Curriculum Intent

Our Croft Curriculum is built from three main drivers: 

  • Head: knowledge as defined in the National Curriculum.

  • Heart: compassion and responsibility to our school, our locality, our nation, and our world.

  • Hand: skills that help us to share our acquired knowledge and skills through a product.

We want our curriculum to ignite curiosity, inspire a love of learning and build knowledge and skills for all pupils.

Our children will explore global themes through an enquiry-based curriculum. Their enquiries will lead to a product. This product will showcase their learning skills and nurture a sense of pride.

English will be the thread that knits our curriculum together. Every class will develop their enquiries around high-quality core texts. Wider reading will enrich their enquiries. Writing will communicate what we want to say to our school, our locality, our nation, and our world.



Curriculum Rationale



Our global themes, which have been inspired by the Oxfam global curriculum, are spread over a two year period, and are supported during assemblies through our Croft Vision and supplementary values.

Year A

Year B

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Identity and Diversity

Peace and Conflict

Sustainable Environments

Rights and Responsibilities

Social Justice

Global Neighbours







Truthfulness and perseverance

Courage and respect

Helpfulness and friendship

Courage and respect

Friendship and truthfulness

Helpfulness and perseverance

Curriculum Policy

Our Curriculum on a Page

Curriculum on a Page

Curriculum Overviews


EYFS - Long Term Planning

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3, 4 & 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Croft Curriculum Progressions of Skills for Enquiry 


Design and Technology

Art and Design

Global Curriculum Progression

Croft Communicators Progression

Croft Curriculum Implementation



We create enquiries each term that centre around answering a big question which always relates to the global theme. The enquiries are introduced with a hook where we can ignite the children’s curiosity about the enquiry and then we build their knowledge, understanding and skills through a sequence of sessions that culminate in the creation or presentation of a product that we share at the end of our enquiries. We carefully select core texts to support each enquiry and identify sticky vocabulary for the children learn throughout the term.

Knowledge Organisers

Teachers identify the key knowledge the children need to acquire during an enquiry and present this as a Knowledge Organiser so that the children can refer to this during their learning.

An example Knowledge Organiser for KS1

 An example Knowledge Organiser for KS2

Croft Curriculum Impact


We gather information about the impact of our curriculum through a variety of sources including:

  • Pupil Voice
  • Learning Walks
  • Book Looks
  • Enquiry Displays –learning walls and celebration display
  • Parental comments
  • Assessments – both formal and informal