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Today we had the opportunity to have a video call with a member of the ecovillage Lammas, in Wales. We asked the member lots of questions about what it was like to live there and also what they did to make themselves sustainable. We found out that they create their own electricity supply, grow their own food, and use a spring to collect water. We were very grateful to have this opportunity!




We have had another messy day when we tried to filter sand, grit and grass out of water! We used sieves, filter paper and a variety of jugs to help us achieve this!






We have started off our new enquiry of 'What does it mean to be sustainable' by building bridges from limited resources. More specifically marshmallows and spaghetti! There was a lot of mess to clean up afterwards! 





In class we have been talking about how we can resolve conflict. We have created posters for the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds to give advice and suggest games to play. 





The finished floating Viking boats! Most of them were a success, although a few boats did leak!!





In Seal class we have been creating Viking longboats by junk modelling! We have used a variety of tools, such as a hacksaw, a hand drill, a hot glue gun and various others! Stay tuned to see the results when we test them on water!




We have been busy with our sport over the last week, taking part in both active R.E and a Dance lesson. The class produced a really emotive dance to Pompei by Bastille, which almost moved Mrs Jakeway to tears!




Active RE




In seals we have been starting our science unit looking at the solar system. We used a variety of different measuring equipment to measure a scale model of the solar system. We also used different sized objects to represent the planets, such as a basketball for Jupiter, and a rubber for Mercury. 






 Forest School T1.pdf - find out what we have been doing in the Nature Area