Phonics and reading

In Key Stage 1 we use the Oxford Reading scheme which consists of eleven coloured bands. We start reading in Reception and use books that have just pictures in and the children are encouraged to talk about the pictures and became familiar with the different characters.

The children are then introduced to the ‘Letters and sounds scheme’ and begin blending some simple words together and at this point are introduced to books with some words in . As all the children progress through each coloured band they are able to explore a wide variety of stories and information books. Once the children reach the end of the scheme they are encouraged to begin free reading where they have the choice of a range of books in school or books that they enjoy reading from home.

In Key Stage 1 we use a Phonics scheme known as ‘Letters and Sounds’. The scheme consists of six phases which start from Reception and up to Year 2 .The children are assessed and placed into ability groups. The ‘Letters and Sounds’ sessions take place every day and are for twenty minutes. The session are quick and sharp four part sessions where we recap, introduce , apply and practise .These areas are achieved through small group activities , word building games and some letter formation. As the Phases progress the children are introduced to sounds and actions (phonemes and graphemes), tricky words, high frequency words and alien words. These help to build on children’s confidence to read words by sight and to also recognise everyday words and words that are nonsense words. As the children come towards the end of Year 1 they take part in a Phonics screening process which focuses on a collection of these words. The last Phase . Phase six focuses on practising different spelling patterns.