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Art 1.4.21

We enjoyed creating mono prints of our Rainforest sketches.


 Enquiry 25.3.21

As part of our enquiry lesson this afternoon we created a brand new creature that was inspired by the Rainforest animals of a Toucan, an Orangutan and a Tree Frog.  We talked about how this new creature will help us when we have problems with our friends because in order to resolve conflict we need to: talk (Toucan beak), be open to everyone's suggestions (Orangutan's open arms) and stick with it when it gets tricky (Tree Frog's padded feet).

Science 24.3.21

We had special visitors today who brought in their lambs.  This helped us to understand the life cycle of sheep and we really enjoyed watching them being fed.


Art 19.3.21

We had fun turning our Rainforest sketches into 3D pieces of art.

Fund-raising walk 19.3.21

Today was comic relief day and we enjoyed a walk in the fresh air with Mole class to raise money for children who need our help.

Science 18.3.21

In Science today we worked in groups to identify the different stages of a human life.

Outdoor Learning 17.3.21

Today we imagined we were Rainforest explorers who have discovered a new creature.  Take a look at our amazing new creatures made out of clay and natural things.


Wellbeing 12.3.21

All week we have been thinking about ways to look after our 'mental health'.  We have used mindfulness to remind us to stop and live in the moment, just like the Worrysaurus.  We've learnt 'hot chocolate' and 'bubble' breathing to help us calm down when we feel our emotions are too big.  Mindful colouring has been a lovely way to calm us down after busy lunchtimes.  Today has also been 'World sleep day', so we have looked at different ways to help us settle our minds before bedtimes and what our dream bedroom would look like if it was really set up to help us sleep.  Dressing up in our Pyjamas and doing some bedtime yoga, really made for a fun day.

English - 12.3.21

Working in groups, we created our own story mountains of 'The Worrysaurus'.

Enquiry - Art 11.3.21

After spending some time looking at Henry Rousseau's painting called 'Surprised' we were inspired to create our own sketches of the jungle.  We liked the fact that he had never visited a jungle and nor have we!


Enquiry 8.3.21

Today we started work on transforming an area of our classroom into a Rainforest to support our big question - 'Why is it important to share?'.  We have had to work as a team to create the huge leaves using paper and chalk pastels.

Welcome Back 8.3.21

We have loved having our class back together today.  To help us settle back into life at school, we have read 'The Worrysaurus' and will be using it for the next seven days as our English Core Text.  It's already helped us to see that everyone has worries, but there are things we can do about them. 

Spring Term Topic Webs for Home Learning 20.1.21

Topic Web Jan Y1 2021.pdf

Topic Web Jan Y2 2021.pdf

Design and Technology 18.12.20

Have a look at our finished baubles.  We are very proud of them.

Outdoor Learning 17.12.20

Today, we had fun building shelters for our superhero to hide in.

Design and Technology 17.12.20

During our D&T lessons we have been learning how to sew using a simple running stitch.

KS1 Nativity 14.12.20

What a busy day we have had creating and filming our incredible dance nativity.  Thank you to our Dance Teacher for helping us!

Computing 11.12.20

We used our programming skills today to make that our Beebot reached our chosen destination.


Computing 4.12.20

Today we have been learning about simple algorithms and we used photos to create a simple set of instructions for building lego models.


PE 27.11.20

We have enjoyed learning how to control the ball in our PE lessons.  We are developing our skills of throwing, catching, bouncing and rolling.


Children in Need 13.11.20

We had a fun and busy day as we helped to raise money for Children in Need.  We joined in with Joe Wicks as he finished his 24 hr work out and we also made and decorated our own biscuits.


Science 12.11.20

We worked hard to work out which material made the bounciest ball.


Enquiry - History and D&T 11.11.20

During our Design and technology lessons we made some houses ready to burn in a renactment of The Great Fire of London.  It was very strange watching our houses go up in smoke and we could see just how quickly the fire must have spread all those years ago!


Science 6.11.20

Using different materials, we tried to see if we could change their shape by bending, twisting, squashing and stretching.

Dance 4.11.20

We had fun during dance today and enjoyed being taught by a Dance teacher.


Outdoor Learning 30.10.20

Using natural resources, we made scenes from The Great Fire of London.


Our core text 14.10.20

We have really enjoyed using this book as our core text in English and History.  It has helped us to learn lots of facts about The Great Fire of London and we have worked hard to write letters and warning posters to the people of London.

Bridging 10 when adding two single digit numbers 9.10.20

In Maths today, we used our tens frames to help us begin to see how the second number can be partitioned so that we make a ten first and then add on the remaining digit.

Topic Web and Letter 8.10.20

Autumn 2020 letter to parents.docx

Topic Web Autumn 2019 Y1.pdf

Topic Web Autumn 2019 Y2.pdf


Becoming Better Learners 6.10.20 & 7.10.20

We have carried on our work about how to become better learners this week.  We thought about the word learning and what it means and then we thought about all the things that might be movers or blockers to our learning.  Take a look at a photo of all the things we came up with.  In our class, we are going to try really hard to be 'movers' and not 'blockers'!  

We also spent some time talking about what we could do when we become stuck with our learning,  We decided that we could have five ways to help ourselves before we asked an adult and then we picked our favourite three to use on our 'Three before me' helping hands.



RE 2.10.20

In RE we have been learning about who Christians believe made the world and our question today was 'Have we spoilt God's earth?'  We decided that perhaps yes we have and then we thought about how we could care for the world.  We are after all 'Resilient, Compassionate, Responsible Citizens' at the Croft.  To help make our world a better place, we went litter picking around the school grounds and then created posters about we could encourage other people to care for the world too.

Outdoor Learning 30.9.20

In Science we are learning all about 'Everyday materials and their uses', so we thought we would take our learning about this into the forest school area.  Over the next couple of sessions, we will be making a weaving made out of natural materials.  This week we set up our weaving looms by finding Y shaped sticks and then wrapping wool around them to make a loom.  We can not wait until our next session when we will make our weavings.

Our New Enquiry 22.9.20

We have started our new enquiry 'What makes a hero?'  Our class text is 'Traction Man' and because he has so many super hero powers, we thought it might be fun to spend some time thinking about what our superhero powers are.  Mrs Gunn and Mrs Donaldson are so lucky to have us all in their class because we are: sporty, funny, kind, artistic...

Outdoor Learning 16.9.20

Today we went on a tree and leaf hunt to see if we could name the trees in our school grounds.  Take a look at all the different leaves we found.  Can you name any? 


Ruby's Worry Weeks 1-3 September 20

We have had so much fun learning all about how Ruby and how one day she discovered a worry.  Her worry just seemed to get bigger and bigger with every day and she didn't know what to do about it.  It was only when Ruby spotted someone else with a worry that she realised that she wasn't the only one with a worry! When she started to talk about her worry with the little boy, something amazing happened. Her worry disappeared!  

As a class, we had a go at making our own emotion rainbow to represent what happens when we talk about worries, they go away and make way for other emotions.  Can you guess what emotion we thought each colour might be?  We also had a go at making our own emotion pom poms to look a little bit like Ruby's worry. 

At the end of our enquiry, we recorded all the things we have learnt about answering our enquiry question, 'What is a feeling?'

Helpful and Unhelpful talk 4.9.20

As part of our work on how to become better learners, we have been thinking about the ways that we use talk.  Sometimes our talk can be helpful and at other times it can be unhelpful.  These are the things that we have agreed on as a class and we will be working hard to make sure that our talk in school is helpful.



Outdoor Learning 3.9.20

Our class text for the next couple of weeks is called Ruby's worry and the key question for our enquiry is 'What is a feeling?'  We have been talking about how our faces and bodies can show other people how we are feeling.  So, for our outdoor learning session this week, we had a go at making faces that show different emotions.  Can you guess the emotions we picked?


September Welcome Letter 

Sept 20 Welcome Letter Hedgehogs.docx