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Enquiry - Sustainable Fruit Salad - 29/06/21

Fox Class were tasked with creating a fruit salad using fruits with minimal air miles.  The children realised that lots of fruits that they commonly eat and would generally put in a fruit salad aren't actually grown in the UK.


Science - Detectives - 11/06/21

Using clues, the children were tasked with finding out who stole items from the safe.

Science - Water Transportation in Plants - 07/05/21

We investigated whether or not temperature affects the amount of water a plant can transport from its' roots to its' leaves.

Class Text- Flood (A.Villa) - 23/04/21

Our text over the next few weeks is a picture book called 'Flood'.  Despite having no dialogue, the stunning pictures have encouraged some excellent discussions and enhanced our use of vocabulary.

Cricket - 22/04/21

This term we are lucky to have Kieron, from Chance to Shine, teach cricket to us all term!

Enquiry Hook - Water Fight - 12/04/21

We introduced the term 'sustainability' by having a water fight with a twist.  The children had to transport water using containers that weren't sustainable.  Any water that they managed to transport from one place to another they had available for a water fight.

Writing - Letters to Attenborough - 26/03/21

Fox Class have thrived when studying conflict in the wider world and were particularly interested in deforestation.  As a result, the children wrote letters and sent them to Sir David Attenborough either giving or asking for advice.


Science - 24/03/21

We have been looking at all things 'Magnets' in Science this week.  In this lesson, we identified magnetic materials around school.



Science - 19/03/21

Fox Class have thoroughly enjoyed being back at school and have thrown themselves straight back into learning alongside well-being activities.  In Science, we have started to study forces and here we were testing resistance and friction on different surfaces.

Music - 20/11/20

The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to a variety of musical genres this term.  Tempo, timbre, texture, pitch, dynamic and rhythm are just some of the musical concepts that we've studied.  The picture below shows the class using the glockenspiels for the first time to work on their rhythm and pitch.


Skeletons - 18/11/20

The children has the opportunity to create their own skeletons!  We explored the purpose of a skeleton and attempted to name certain bones within our bodies.


Inverted Commas - 11/11/20

The children were introduced to inverted commas.  They produced some excellent conversations linked to funny animal pictures, following the rules we discussed.

Stonehenge - 09/11/20

Having used iPads to research Stonehenge, we attempted to construct Stonehenge using Bourbons!  Despite our best efforts, we decided that chocolate biscuits were probably not the best material for construction...


Stone Age Timeline - 05/11/20

It's often hard to comprehend how long ago The Stone Age and The Iron Age was.  In order to add perspective, we used a surveyor's wheel.  With 1cm = 1year, we used the wheel to measure the distance between civilisations.  

Dance - 05/11/20

We were lucky enough to have Debbie, from GSSN, visit the class to teach us a 'dinosaur dance'.  Linked to the Stone Age, the children worked on a routine and the lesson culminated in a grand performance.


Active RE - 03/11/20

Active RE is part of our RE curriculum and kick-starts the topic for each term.  This week our lesson focused on the Jesus as Messiah.  

Painswick Beacon Trip - 23/10/20

With everything going on in the world, it was lovely for Y3/4/5 to get out and about on our first trip of the year!  We were very fortunate with the weather and managed to complete a variety of activities whilst we were there.  Despite the beacon being a place where many of the children visit frequently, they were amazed that it was actually an Iron Age fort.   We talked about where we would build a hut in the Iron Age as well as how the banks were used as a defence system and were all dug by hand


The Stone Age

The children have been extremely busy writing a non-chronological report on The Stone Age.  First, they had to research and collect facts.  Then they completed excellent writing in their books.  Finally, they collated everything together and produced some fantastic reports!



Fox Class had the opportunity to create their own fossils.  To start with, we explored how fossils are made and then, using salt dough with a hint of chocolate powder, we created an array of unique fossils.


Our Community Art Project



Diary Entries

The children have been working extremely hard when writing diary entries.  They imagined that they were Hogarth, a character from The Iron Man.  


Cave Paintings

Using natural resources, the children produced some excellent, detailed cave paintings.  Mud, plants, sticks and stones were all used in the process.



Fox, Owl and Seal Class turned into hunter-gatherers for the afternoon.  The children found a range of plants and animals and were then tasked with creating a recipe based on the ingredients that they had found.  We also linked this to our enquiry and had a brilliant discussion around food in the Stone Age, particularly focusing on how vital food is in a community.  


Human Robots!

We spent the afternoon giving instructions to human robots.  The children used logical reasoning and repeat commands to instruct the robots to perform certain tasks.



Science - Rocks

Fox Class conducted their first experiment of the year!  The children explored different types of rocks, testing density, permeability and durability.  


The first two weeks focused on the text; 'When Sadness Comes to Call'.  The class produced some excellent writing in response to a child who was feeling a little worried and down.  We had many thoughtful discussions around emotions and how to deal with different feelings.  The class had a go at matching colours and sorting them into colours to suit a particular emotion.