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Below, is information about this term's enquiry:

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Year 6 Topic web term 4 and 5.pdf


11.6.21 - Forensic Science

Today, Buzzard Class took part in a Forensic Science Workshop. After learning about what Forensic Science is and why it is used, the class were split into teams to solve the crime! Each team was given a crime scene to investigate and were encouraged to use forensic evidence to decide on the culprit, out of a list of potential suspects. Every team worked brilliantly and at the end of the session, all of them had chosen the correct suspect! Well done Buzzards!


26.5.21 - Questionnaire Results

Thank you so much to everyone who completed our class questionnaire!

For this term's enquiry, the children have learnt about the question 'What causes Climate Change?'. The class created a questionnaire to conduct their own local research into what we already do well, as a community, and what we could improve.

We had 52 responses in total, which produced some really interesting data for us to analyse. Our data showed that the local community are already brilliant at recycling, providing animal habitats and are concerned about climate change.

Today, the children are writing their first draft of a persuasive letter to the council to express what we are good at and how we could improve further. We have decided to focus on transport due to the lack of available bus routes, car-sharing opportunities and safe cycle routes in and around our local area. Many of which, appeared multiple times in our questionnaire. We have also been creating posters to encourage people to join the 'Walk to School' initiative.

Watch this space!


19.5.21 - Acid Rain Experiment!

Day 1

Day 14

As part of our class enquiry, we have been learning about the effects of climate change and air pollution on the environment. We set up a class investigation to find out what would happen to the plants if they were watered with 'acid rain' (vinegar and water). As you can see above, one plant (left) was fed 40ml of water, one plant (middle) was fed 40ml of vinegar and one plant (right) was fed 20ml of water and 20ml of vinegar. All of them are the same type of plant and they were all on the same windowsill, with access to sunlight. They were also watered at the same time of day. As a class, we analysed our results by taking a photo each day and to create a 'time-lapse' over a 2 week period.

Our results were both surprising and expected! The plant with water thrived, whilst the plant with vinegar grew tall to begin with (about 1 week) and then began to collapse. The plant that received both water and vinegar appeared to suffer the most. It began to collapse and decay very quickly. From these results, we have all learned that acid rain is not good for the environment, particularly for the plants, and could have a devastating effect quite quickly. 


28.4.21 - Investigating electrical circuits

The atmosphere was 'electric' in Buzzard class this afternoon! Last week, the children worked in groups to plan their own investigation using electrical circuits. They chose what they wanted to investigate, but it had to be based around understanding how variations in components can affect how they function. Some chose to alter the amount of motors of bulbs, some chose to increase or decrease the amount of voltage and others focused upon the wire-length. We had some brilliant results and recording. Each group shared their findings at the end so that the whole class could find out how each investigation was planned, carried out and concluded. We may have some future Scientists among us! 


29.3.21 - Schoolbeat

Today, Buzzards were visited by a local police officer, Mark Weedon. PC Weedon visited The Croft to discuss the importance of internet safety and to help the children to understand how to be safe when using the internet. The children learnt lots throughout the session and were given websites and apps they can use, such as CEOP, ThinkUKnow, Childline and the BBC website, to ensure they are staying safe online. He then let the children ask some questions about his job as a police officer - it made an interesting change to our usual Monday morning!


18.3.21 - WW2 Artefacts

Buzzard Class were very lucky to have their own 'Class Museum', yesterday, as we borrowed some amazing WW2 artefacts for our enquiry lesson! There were a huge variety of World War 2 artefacts including helmets that were used during the war (from different countries), gas masks for different ages and jobs, shrapnel, shells, grenades, bandages and even some early evidence of recycling for the 'Make do and mend' initiative. The children were particularly impressed with the rear wheel of a spitfire that crashed in Norton, Gloucestershire!

Click on the link below to see some photos of the children and the artefacts:

WW2 artefacts.pdf


12.3.21 - World Sleep Day!

Buzzards have loved being back at school this week and as they have worked so hard, it was only fair that we celebrated 'World Sleep Day'. They looked fantastic in their pyjamas and luckily, no one fell asleep during lessons!


4.12.20 - I Have a Dream

In our English lessons, we have been looking at Dr Martin Luther King's famous 'I have a dream' speech as part of our enquiry. After watching the video of MLK giving his speech, we discussed the qualities needed to be an orator. Today, we had a go at reciting the speech as similarly to MLK as we could. Some children were even brave enough to perform a section of the speech to the rest of the class!


3.12.20 - Wire Sculpture Challenge

Recently, in Art lessons, the children have been looking at the work of famous sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Today, they were given a 'Sculpture Challenge'. They had to used pieces of metal wire to create a recognisable object. Without any planning or previous experience with the material, this challenge had its struggles but some fantastic sculptures were made, including a hat, mug and a guitar. Regardless of the result, this challenge was a great way for the children to explore the material itself. We discussed techniques, difficulties, tips and things we would do differently if we were given the chance to use it again. After some research, planning and practise, I think their final products, linked to our enquiry, will be brilliant! 


13.11.20 - Pudsey Day! 

Buzzard Class had a fantastic time celebrating Pudsey Day today! We took part in a range of 'Pudsey Day' themed activities including sport, technology, art and maths. It was good to reflect on how fortunate we are and how the money we had raised would support 'Children in Need'. We then focused on our own wellbeing through the different activities for the rest of the day. Happy Pudsey day everyone!


8.11.20 - Latin Dance

Buzzard Class were very lucky to have a Dance teacher visit today! She taught us a 'Latin-based' dance as we are currently studying the Mayan Civilization. Everyone joined in and some had some awesome dance moves, especially during the 'free-style' part of the dance. The dance teacher was very pleased with our final result and so were we!


7.10.20 - Drama!


It was a rather 'DRAMAtic' morning in English. We acted out the significant events leading up to 'the operation' from our class book 'Pig Heart Boy'. Many of the children portrayed their characters throughout their performance really well and we are nearly ready to start planning our own extended diary entries based on these significant events. I'm looking forward to some brilliant writing!


6.10.20 - Circulatory System Board Games

Our last few Science lessons led to this moment. It was finally time to play our board games! After learning about the different parts of the human circulatory system and their functions, we planned our own 'circulatory system board games' that would test our new knowledge. We had lots of fun planning, creating and playing our games in our groups and then giving each other feedback about how it went.

Click on the link below to see each group's board game:

Photographs of games.pdf


30.9.20 - Cricket

Despite the unpleasant weather, our 4th cricket session took place today, and again, we loved it! The class are working really hard to develop their cricket skills and have been really good at supporting and encouraging each other throughout. We look forward to another session next week!


23.9.20 - KNEX Challenge

After announcing to the class, on Tuesday afternoon, that we were going to be set a special challenge using 'KNEX' equipment the following day, we had very excited Buzzards arrive to school on Wednesday morning!

The day began with information about the past challenges and the reason for its existence, before being told what our challenge would be. We had to create our very own castle! Our structure needed to follow a set criteria and needed to be as imaginative, innovative and creative as possible.

The children worked in pairs and had a fantastic time bringing their ideas to life. Some castles had decorative, defensive and moving features! Most of us didn't want to leave our projects when break time arrived. The class worked really well in their pairs, all managed to achieve the challenge and their designs were great.

Well done Buzzards! We may well have some future engineers among us - watch this space!